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Electronic Cash Regi
Electronic Cash Register Machine, which is also commonly called as Billing Machine, POS Billing Machine, Point of Sale Billing System or Solutions. In today's seneario where ever any transaction happens a Bill or Receipt is to be handed over to Customer with all transactional details along with GST Calculation. Since in India we have different GST Rates for different items it becomes very much a problem to do hand billing taking into consideration with various GST rates. Moreover calculation error in fast moving counter is also a hinderence to do manual billing. So machine billing is a necessity. Options available apart from Electronic Cash Register is POS System or Computer with POS Software. It is of no problem to large format Stores to implement POS Billing Software and Hardware as because they do not have fund problem or Operators are educated enough to run the POS Billing Machine. Customers who runs very small format stores like Fast Food Joints, Small Sweet Shops, Bakery, Ice Cream Parlor, Kiosk, Mobile Food Truck have problem with fund, so they are unable to invest in POS Software and Hardware. Moreover level of education of staff with them are generally poor. So they are unable to handle POS Billing System. So Electronic Cash Register Machine or Billing Machine is the only alternative for them. Apart from Bill Generation these machines gives Sales, Inventory & GST Reports. Modern ECR also have facility like USB Ports to take Various Reports in softcopy thru pendrive. Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Weighing Scales are compatible. Brand: TRUCOUNT BILLING MACHINE is the oldest manufacturer in India since 1986. BIS Registered Product having factory in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India.
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